At Edit House Productions, LLC, we produce many types of videos, from documentaries and long-format video, to television commercials and instructional videos. In many of our videos, we hire professional actors, but in some videos, clients with no prior acting experience are featured on camera. When that happens, they sometimes ask us what to wear on camera to look their best. Here are some tips for looking and feeling great on camera.

Avoid patterns, or at least use them sparingly. Patterns can be distracting on camera if they are small, or especially busy, like paisley or polka dots. Small patterns can look blurry or strobe on camera, and take away from the message of your video. Patterns can also date a video, so sticking with solids in the right colors can keep your video looking fresh and relevant longer.

Stick with jewel tones. Jewel tones are saturated and look great against all skin types, so you won’t look washed out under bright lighting. Jewel tones don’t appear too muted or too bright against most backgrounds. We also recommend that white and black are used carefully. White can glow and grab attention away from what you say, while black can make dark circles appear worse, making you look tired.

Keep your look simple. It’s best to avoid flashy fabrics or statement jewelry. Shiny fabrics or glittery jewelry are difficult for even 4k cameras to pick up. In addition, bold jewelry can make noise and hit your microphone. Keeping your fabric and accessories simple will make it easier for the viewer to focus on what you’re saying – which is the most important part of any video we produce for businesses.

Whether you have acting experience or not, when you’re going to be on camera, you want to look your best. At Edit House Productions, we know how to light a scene to accomplish the visual look that best fits your message. Choosing your wardrobe to complement that can go a long way in making your video aesthetically pleasing and present you in the best way possible. Contact Edit House Productions to learn more about promoting your business with television, online, or long-format video!

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