Unlock Your Creative Potential with Our Comprehensive and Expert Post-Production Services

Post-production combines all the beautiful footage with motion graphics, music, voice tracks and sound effects to create the finished video. Our post-production editing suite offers Cat8 cabling (running a 10Gb network connection, 4 times faster than Cat6 cable) so no need for proxies! Our team includes editors with dozens of national and international awards for editing and video graphics.

Our post-production services include:

  • Video Editing Services

  • Motion Graphics and Color Retouching

  • Long-Term Digital Storage for Easy Re-Edits

Professional Color Correction

Highly Skilled Post-Production Crew

Archive Cinematic Greatness In Post-Production 

Professional Editing

Edit House Productions’ awards in editing include dozens of creative statues for documentaries, commercials and videos.

High-Level Software

We use Adobe CC’s Premier Pro and the suite of Adobe creative software in post-production and graphics development.

Editing as an Art Form

Video editing isn’t just slice-and-dice. It’s an art form of colorization, sound, even the nuances of pauses left to tell a story.


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

Specialized Post-Production Facilities in Rio Rancho, NM

Edit suites are where the magic (and the elbow grease) come into play to create the professional video! Our suites offer CAT 8 cabling, running on a 10gb network connection, so there’s no wasted time in making proxies to start the edit session. The suites offer large monitors for the producer’s view as well as comfortable seating and refreshments to keep you going.

Our software includes the latest Adobe suite including Premier Pro, Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop. Our chief editor is highly experienced in After Effects for motion graphics and 2D animation.

We’re located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, right between Albuquerque and Santa Fe in a large, comfortable facility with off-street parking and a secure location. WiFi access, printers and kitchen access is included.

We’ve produced for Pizza Hut, Cessna Aircraft, Rent-a-Center, and Sony Pictures Entertainment as well as hundreds of local and regional companies and organizations. We’ve also produced live shots for several national news organizations and have live IFB connection.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Let’s make magic with visual effects that enhance your video and help tell the story.

Music and Effects

Choose from tens of thousands of options in music and sound effects, licensed in perpuituity.

Motion Graphics

Animated logos or text, infographics, titles, transitions and more help set the tone in video storytelling.

Connect Locally, Thrive Regionally

Creating Magic In Post-Production Is Easy At Edit House

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