Elevate Your Campaign Strategy with Our Extensive Video Distribution Experience

Video distribution is the process of making your video available to your potential audience. That might be through broadcast advertising on local or regional TV networks, social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook, or through streaming OTT (over the top) video ads. If you handle your own media buys, we’re happy to upload your finished videos to those platforms or stations’ FTP sites. If you’d like to put our media-buying expertise to work for you, our sister company, Ad House Advertising, places millions of ad dollars for our clients’ each year. We offer video distribution through:

  • Uploads to Broadcast or Streaming Channels
  • OTT Video Ad Placement Online

  • Video Distribution through Social Channels

Targeted OTT Advertising

Omni-channel Distribution Strategy

Expand Your Video Presence Across Every Platform 

Television Campaigns

Whether we buy the television airtime or you do, we’ll upload to that market’s compression standards.

Programmatic or OTT Ads

Video ads insert to highly-targeted audiences watching streaming programming or on websites.

Social Media Videos

Professionally produced videos raise the bar for your company’s brand on social media sites.


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

Target Local Broadcast Markets or Online Viewers

Producing a video is all about its audience. We also believe it’s about “what you want that audience to think, feel and do”! What’s the outcome you desire? We’ll help make it so!

From traditional television commercials that offer branding and reach a wide potential market, to highly targeted online video ads that can be geofenced or reach a very defined prospective customer, we understand that the distribution is a key in a successful video.

Whether you plan to advertise on YouTube or a streaming channel, on broadcast or on cable TV, on a movie theatre’s screen or a cell phone screen, we can help.

Videos may be created as a documentary or a commercial, a social media explainer or a website sales video– but the audience is the key. And finding the audience requires understanding how people consume media and what distribution channels are the best fit.

Have questions about video distribution and reaching the right audience? Ask our team. With well over 100 years of video production and marketing experience, we can offer insights and expertise to help your project reach the pinnacle of your goals for it. After all, making a professional video is only the first step–what also matters is who will see it and if they are the best audience to produce the results you need!

Social Channels

YouTube and Facebook are two of the most-viewed sites to spread your word. Make it the right message.

OTT Geofencing

Online and streaming video ads let you NOT pay for those who are not likely customers. Score!!

Local TV Networks

Over-the-air TV offers advantages, even in today’s digital world, and offers branding for your company.

Increase Viewership & Follows

Created Targeted Video Campaigns That Convert

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