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For 25 years, Edit House Productions, LLC has served the video marketing needs of businesses and organizations in the greater Albuquerque-Rio Rancho region of New Mexico, as well as nearby Santa Fe, and across the state. We understand that producing a video is just the first step—it’s not about the equipment, talent, and awards—it’s about how that finished video helps achieve your organization’s marketing goals. As we say: What do you want the viewer to think, feel, and do after watching your video. We offer many video marketing strategies, including:

  • Programmatic and OTT/CTV Video Distribution

  • Broadcast Television Commercials

  • Video for Websites, Trade Shows and Training

Programmatic Network Distribution

Proven Video Marketing Services

Unleash the Power of Results-Driven Geofenced Ads!

OTT & CTV Options

We place thousands of Over-the-Top and Connected TV video ads each month, selecting the geography and customer attributes for highly-targeted prospects.

Contextual Targeting

Your video ads can be inserted into website content that includes specifically-selected keywords. Highly relevant and cost effective!

Behavioral Targeting

We define the perfect prospective customer, then craft video campaigns to direct ads to them. Imagine reaching 1,000 prospects for under $10.00!


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

Content Marketing Solutions in Rio Rancho, NM

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, imagine just how much a :15 or :30 second video is worth then– it would take hundreds of thousands of words to fully describe all the detail provided to a viewer. Think of that in the value of how much information is contained in a video that promotes your product or service to a potential customer!

Content marketing solutions can include the social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, as well as online advertising through YouTube, OTT/CTV, as well as content on your own website and blog. It’s all about showing the marketplace who you are and how you can help that person, engaging them to learn more, reach out, purchase from you! We can help you plan, create, distribute, share, publish and measure what your engaging video content provides.

Video content, as with other online advertising, can be distributed to very narrowly defined audiences when it’s distributed through ad channels like OTT streaming videos or programmatically placed video. Many of the videos Edit House creates are then placed by our sister company, Ad House Advertising, into online advertising campaigns or broadcast TV. We can place by zip code, city, or state, or design a geofence at a specific location.

By creating a plan custom to each business or organization, we omit most of the waste in ad dollars by delivering your content to those in-market or very likely to be a prospective customer. Whether in paid ad campaigns, social media or your website’s blog, having the right message in your video allows your content to reach it’s highest potential in your key audience.

Social Platforms

Craft video content that engages your current followers, peaks the interest to gain new ones, and makes a name for your company.

Web Videos

Search engines love videos on websites! Showcase your company, show your product in action, answer FAQs with web videos.

YouTube TV

YouTube is one of the most prominent search engines today. Help your clients and prospects find you, contact you, and love you!

Refine Your Campaigns Infinitely

Reach Your Ideal Audience: Geofencing and OTT Ads

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