Marketing professionals and web development directors have known for ages that commercial video productions enhance the user experience on your business’s website, as well as create opportunities to advertise to just the right audience through YouTube InStream marketing and similar platforms. Edit House has always been ahead of the curve in creating top notch videos tailored to the specific needs of our clients and designed to meet the unique and extensive criteria that comes with online advertising. Studies consistently show that not only do online videos get watched, but they encourage visitors to buy more than print and static images alone. So, what makes a quality marketing video and how do you optimize yours for better returns? After years of crafting commercial video for traditional outlets and online campaigns, the seasoned Edit House staff has some insights.

Your videos don’t have to reach the mythic viral status in order to generate meaningful ROI for your company, but they do have to be creative and high quality in order to net the attention of viewers. At Edit House, we strive to tell stories and communicate value in our commercial productions. Along with our expert sense of messaging, we use high quality cameras and software and apply innovative techniques so that your end product is undeniably eye catching.

As video lovers, we know an awful lot about video production, and as marketers (along with our sister company, Ad House Advertising) we know also know a lot about website optimization and video SEO. We holistically examine your marketing campaign and build strategies for each component that work seamlessly together so that you see the precise results you’re after. For example, we might help you employ YouTube advertising to build brand awareness in the community, or create a custom video for your website in order to drive conversions. Whatever your objective, we can help you to achieve it.

Incorporating SEO into your video can ensure that your projects are getting found by the right people in the vast online marketplace. In addition, we always utilize careful geographic targeting to make sure viewers are in your area, with interests relevant to your product or service, are seeing your advertising. Our customized approach not just to the creation, but the deployment of your video means that we’re leveraging all the available resources so that you have the peace of mind that comes with advertising dollars well spent.

Ready to get started on your online video production? We are too! Let’s collaborate to create something with impact. Get in touch with Edit House today!

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