From Concept to Completion: Edit House Productions – Your Complete Production Solution

Since 2000, Edit House Productions, LLC has offered the video production resources—equipment, personnel, and workspace—to get the job done well.

We film on matched, Netflix-approved, 4K Sony FX9 cameras with full-frame 6K sensors with Fast Hybrid AF, Dual Base ISO and S-Cinetone color science. Our cinematographers and directors have more than 100 years of combined experience and dozens of Aurora, Addy and Telly Awards for cinematography, lighting and directing. In addition, we offer complete packages for studio or field production.

Our production services include:

  • In-Studio (IFB connection for live new) or On-Location Video Production

  • Award-Winning Directors and Cinematographers

  • 4K Camera Packages and In-House Equipment

Decades of Filming Experience

Commercial Video Production

Directing Your Path to Success, We Have You Covered!

New Mexico Video Production Services

Whether it’s in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe region or across New Mexico, we can film your production on location or in studio.

Directing Your Production: Yours or Ours

We’re happy to work with your Director or provide that role in our turn-key video production. We’ll make your project easy.

Experience, Equipment and Cinematography

Production is the total package but we’re a menu-driven company. Use only the production services and items you need.


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

Complete Video Production Solutions near Albuquerque, NM

Between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, you’ll find one of New Mexico’s best video production companies– Edit House Productions. We’ve been serving the businesses and organizations of New Mexico, as well as out-of-state agencies and production companies who need a little assistance, since 2000.

With full equipment options and highly experienced producers, directors, cinematographers and editors, all in-house, we’re ready to film your production. We offer a 2,000 sqft studio space with 400 amp electrical or film on location, whether that’s your business location or a scenic region of our beautiful state. An FAA-certified drone pilot is also available for videography.

Commercial production is available for TV commercials, online videos, documentaries, podcasts, or online and social media ads, even live news interviews with IFB connection.

We can provide start-to-finish production on your project, or if you’re looking for a production company to work with your director or producer, we’re happy to provide the crew and equipment to get it all done. We also offer a podcast studio, greenscreen, moveable set walls, even a color-temperature adjustable mirror for makeup.

We shoot on Sony FX9 cameras with 6K image sensors, 28-135mm f/4 G OSS e-mount lenses, offer full sound and lighting packages, have a jib, slider, dolly and other fun toys. But more importantly, our full-time crew works together every day, so we’re a smooth team, whether it’s in our studio or in the field. We know our equipment and workflow, and we will work to ensure that you’re another client who loves not only the finished video, but that we made it easy and smooth to get there. If we can help with your video production, please give us a call for an estimate or to get started!


More than pretty visuals, cinematography should set the mood and define the creative product.

Creative Direction

We start at the end: What should your audience think, feel and do after seeing your video? We work toward that goal.

Audio Recording

Whether in the field or in the studio, audio sets the stage. We’ll make sure it’s sweet and helps tell your story.

Creative direction inspires innovation

Production services that facilitate your creative vision.

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