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Telling Your Story, Capturing Your Important Visual Moments.

Advertising is multifunctional. It builds an image for your company, creates a desire for a product or service, and tells a prospective customer where to find that product or service. Once they look you up online or visit your store, do they know your business’ strengths and why they should choose you over a competitor? Longer videos on your website add value to your business while the customer is learning about you. Document your company’s history, growth, and community involvement to build trust in your prospective customer.

At Edit House Productions, we produce documentaries and long format videos. These types of videos allow you to tell a story in more depth. These long-form videos are great for websites to showcase how your products and services work. They also make your company stand out from your competitors and can be used to catch your customers’ attention at trade shows and events.

Documentaries are often historical in nature. They sometimes show the before and after progression of a company, individual, or organization. Often, historical photographs, film or interviews are included; having a cohesive art direction helps tie the various elements together.

Documentary Film Albuquerque

We know the video production process may seem a bit complicated as there are many aspects to consider. Our input is available to the level you choose. We can assist with writing scripts, finding on-camera or background talent, finding locations and obtaining permits if needed. We also provide suggestions to make the project more viewer-friendly and budget friendly.

Edit House Productions has produced hundreds of documentaries and longer videos. A number of them have won national or international awards. We are happy to show you examples of our projects to give you some ideas on how you would like your project to look. If you are interested in broadcasting the finished documentary, we can also assist you with that process.

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