So you’ve decided to add video to your marketing mix, now it’s time to determine the type of content you’re going to create. If you’re looking for ideas, there’s no better place than Edit House Productions LLC. We have been creating cutting-edge, award-winning videos for our clients for nearly 20 years! Based on our experience and keeping up with industry trends, we know what works! Here are some ideas for video content that your company can implement with our help!

Explainer Videos. Explainer videos are short, animated, educational videos that show how your product or service works. Explainer videos often take a complex process or concept and present it in a simple manner to help your customers understand the benefits of working with your company, giving you a competitive edge.

Testimonial Videos. Showcase honest reviews of your product or service by featuring real people that have had a positive experience with your business. Testimonial videos show your leads how effective your business is at solving a problem or filling a need, and at providing excellent customer service. Testimonial videos are engaging, and can win over new customers.

Training Videos. In addition to being a powerful sales tool, video can be used to help your business run smoothly internally as well! Streamline your new employee onboarding process with video. Internal training videos allow you to cost-effectively convey information to a large amount of people on multiple occasions in a consistent manner.

Documentary Videos. A long-format documentary video can tell your brand’s story and give your audience a look at your philosophy and personality! A documentary video is the best way to tell your story and highlight your company’s strengths and make a great impression.

These are just some examples of videos your business can use either to appeal to potential customers, or to streamline internal processes. At Edit House, we have the creative and technical expertise to create any type of video your business may need. We use high quality cameras that capture footage in HD, 2K and 4K. We work with clients in all industries and of all sizes, so whether your budget is in the $1,000 range, or six-figures, our results-focused approach to video production can help you meet your business goals. Contact us today!

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