Logic dictates that marketers should go where the people are, and that place is YouTube!

YouTube has grown to be so much more than videos of cats and rickrolls of content you actually wanted to watch (props if you know what that means). YouTube has become a nearly-perfect platform for placing video content for your business right in front of the eyes of your businesses’ demographic. Even better still, it is a remarkably level playing field for small businesses to reach their ideal customer on par with corporate advertisers.

Every month there are one billion unique users that view content on YouTube, watching over six billion hours of content! YouTube gets over 1 billion views per day, which means that if count YouTube as a search engine, it would be the second largest, nearly 2 times bigger than Bing and Yahoo combined, and roughly a third the size of Google!

2013 viewership on YouTube is up 50% from last year. I don’t think any television network in America can say that!

Unlike television ratings, which are based on the assumption that there are people in the room, or that viewers aren’t fast-forwarding through commercial breaks with their DVRs, YouTube can give you highly accurate statistics on who is watching your ad, how many times they’ve seen it, etc. Even Neilsen says YouTube has a stronger penetration in the Adults 18-34 demographic in America than any cable network. Not only can you target your demographic, but you can actually see how many people view your commercial all the way through, if they click “Skip Ad” 8 seconds in, or watch it 90% to completion.

And when people are watching your ad on YouTube, they’re already online, which means visiting your website is that much easier. Mobile devices account for more than a quarter of the views on YouTube, which means that people don’t even have to be at home in order to view your ad and go to your website.

YouTube allows you to reach the right viewer for the right price, and you only pay when people choose to view your ad. You can’t afford NOT to advertise on YouTube!

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