For nearly 20 years, Edit House Productions, LLC, has been producing top-quality, award-winning video for our clients. When we first began, most of the videos we produced were broadcast commercials or documentaries, but with the rise in popularity of the internet, a lot of the video we produce is used in online advertising as well. Video is an ideal way to communicate your message to your potential customers, or to convey a message to a large group of people in a consistent way over time. Here are some great ways to use video in your business strategy:

Online marketing: Most people start their search for goods or services online. Likely, the first place your customer will encounter your business is a simple Google search. Featuring a video on your home page increases the chances that your prospective customer will find your business organically. Google’s ranking algorithms reward websites with mobile compatibility and engaging user experiences. Not only are videos mobile friendly, but they’re engaging, resulting in a superior user experience, making your website rank higher.

Training: Video is a cost-effective way to convey the same information to a group of people on multiple occasions, which maximizes your training budget. In regulated industries where compliance is a concern, training videos ensure that every employee receives the same standardized training, saving you time and money.

Tell your story: Customers want to do business with a company they can trust. Documentary and long-format video allow you to tell your company’s story – your history, your growth, and the causes you believe in. If you are interested in broadcasting your documentary once it has been produced, we can assist you with that process as well.

Our skilled creative team can help you as much as you’d like, writing scripts, casting, finding locations and obtaining permits if needed. We’re happy to show you examples of our projects, and provide ideas and creative input as well. There are numerous ways to use video beyond television commercials, and we can help you. Contact Edit House Productions today!

Copyright: bloomua / 123RF Stock Photo

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