Think about the best commercials you have seen. What did they have in common? Did they evoke emotion in you? Did they give you insights into the business’s personality? The best advertising tells the viewer a story- it can be brief, it can be funny, it can be offbeat- but it always communicates a message through the power of narrative. Products and services matter, of course, but what connects people to companies are the stories that great advertising can tell.

No matter who you’re sharing it with, your company’s story has power. Why not give it to a wide audience through video advertising? Commercials allow you the opportunity to show off your business’s personality, it’s people, and it’s culture. In short, narrative driven advertising humanizes you and gives your audience something to connect to your products. It’s the story that makes customers click on your website, open your newsletters, and visit your store. So, how are you presenting yours?

At Edit House we’ve observed what a little creativity can do for a client’s targeted advertising. We are constantly striving to improve the cinematic elements of what we do with new equipment, software, and techniques. We’ve recently added a slider dolly to our arsenal and have attended conferences around the country to develop and improve key post-production skillsets. Years of experience allow us to provide strategic guidance in crafting a message, and apply a skilled eye to the finished product. Our staff have won multiple Addy, Telly, and Aurora Awards for cinematography, directing, and editing. Our diverse sets of expertise allow us to creative dynamic video that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Recent surveys have indicated that advertisements conveying an emotional narrative were four times more likely to convert audiences than those lacking such a message. Working in conjunction with a well-designed story, effective use of music and great visual effects can intensify the impact of your story and subtly lead viewers to the conclusion that your business deserves attention. Our staff is well versed in the creation of motion graphics and animation content, allowing us to create original and compelling visuals.

In today’s business world, if you’re lacking a good story, you’re missing opportunities. The best brands tell the best stories, and a well presented story has the power to move your audience to action. Let us help you find your story and put it onto film.

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