Great commercial production is dependent upon compelling storytelling that’s relevant to the viewer. A compelling story moves viewers to act, and ultimately that’s the reason we advertise – to influence behavior. When we embark on a video production project, the first thing we ask ourselves is who is our audience. Then we ask ourselves how we want that audience to feel. It’s our job to create an emotional connection through storytelling.

At Edit House Productions LLC, in order to craft a great story, we use strategic production techniques. Let’s take a look at an example. Our commercial entitled “Don’t Drive Drugged” illustrates a truth that not many people give thought to – that prescription medications can result in a DUI.

This spot starts abruptly with the intrusive contrast of bright police car lights against a dark evening sky. This is unsettling and confusing, but the police officer speaking over the radio serves as a narrator. It seems as though the world won’t stay still as you gather your thoughts, but in spite of the jerky, erratic camera angles, you realize what’s going on. You’re getting pulled over. You get that surreal feeling of panic. It’s dizzying. The police officer approaches the driver side of your car and you’re blinded by the glow of his flashlight. You squint and look up at him, then you roll down the window you hear his voice, above a faint, cacophonous, high pitched shrill, followed by short staccato palm muted power chords on an electric guitar. You’re anxious. He asks you if you’ve had anything to drink. You haven’t. Then he asks if you’ve taken any prescription medications.

Did it work? Did we put you in the driver’s seat in this situation? Using first person camera angles allows you to feel the scene, to experience it. It’s almost as if you’re right there in the middle of the action. In just 30 seconds, we’ve not only told a story, we’ve transported you to a scene, made you feel to a small extent the panic you would feel in this situation.

The reason we approach each video production project this way is simple. We want to evoke emotion because the truth is, consumers don’t care about your business’s marketing goals. But people do like a good story. A good story that makes them feel something. If you can evoke emotion, then you can reach your goals.

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