Edit House recently filmed a frighteningly good October spot for Melloy Dodge of Albuquerque. A lot went into the production of this commercial- from composing a script, creating graphics, and shooting footage to editing the film and stringing it all together. The end product serves up some truly TERRORific advertising material.

Edit House’s Production Editor and Cinematographer extraordinaire, Matt Smith, began the process by creating a world for the whole spooky ad to play out on. Along with our Graphic Artist, Nikelle, the exterior of the house was created, and atmospheric details- candles, cobwebs, and more, were added. The haunted house you see in the commercial is actually three dimensional, allowing the viewer to virtually move through rooms and sense depth. Matt said that the unique compositional elements of each room is the feature that he is most proud of in the commercial, which took more than sixty hours total to create.

The footage itself was shot against a green screen with two separate cameras- a Sony XD 355, and a GoPro. Nick Melloy of Melloy Dodge was transformed into Nickenstein for the shoot, delivering his lines at a perfect pitch through several takes.

After packing up the equipment and heading back to Edit House, Matt began the process of putting together the various pieces and rotoscoping some elements of the commercial. Rotoscoping is a process that allowed Matt to select a portion of the video footage and create a “mask.” The elements within these boundaries, for example, Nickenstein’s face, can then be changed and rendered differently, in our case, to quite an eerie effect!

Overall, more than 200 different elements were layered and many of Matt’s advanced expertise were employed to create this commercial for Melloy Dodge. Want to check out the end product? Watch it now on Melloy Dodge’s YouTube channel here. Do you have a vision for your business’s advertisement? We’re always happy to talk. Give us a call at (505) 404-3535 or send an e-mail to info@adhouseadvertising.com.

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