What’s it mean to be a Google Partner?

For a business owner, it means that the digital ad agency has passed Google’s strict standards to better execute online campaigns that deliver results.

It’s like knowing your accountant is a CPA instead of a bookkeeper. It’s like knowing your attorney passed the bar exam.

For us, it’s an acknowledgment to several things: It’s seeing that integrating PPC ads at the “bottom of the funnel” makes integrated campaigns even stronger. It’s knowig that media evolves and we can’t keep doing things the way it was done 30 years ago. It’s recognizing that while it’s not easy to have our staff study and pass the stringent Google exams, once each staff member becomes certified, our strength deepens. We’re not a one-man band or dependent on an outside contractor. We’re four people deep in certifications for Search, Display or Analytics/Reporting, and we’re the only locally-owned, non-corporate New Mexico company to be recognized as a Google Partner digital agency.

Many small to medium-sized businesses have experimented with Google’s Adwords Express. Who hasn’t received an offer of the $100 in free ads?!? Google is more than willing to take your marketing dollars, no matter the effectiveness. It is our job as a Google Partner digital agency to design campaigns that are positive ROI — that is, for every marketing dollar you invest, you generate substantially more. It is our honor to be a performance agency and recognized multiple times as an All-Star agency.

Similarly to doing your own taxes, many business owners haven’t had the time or experience to achieve strong results in their own pay-per-click ads.

That’s where we come in. Our digital ad agency, Ad House Advertising, focuses on small to medium businesses. We’ll explain how campaigns can be strengthened and answer questions about online advertising. We love creating results.

Call us locally at (505) 896-3388

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