Using a Google Partner has many benefits. Google AdWords Partners are certified experts in their field of online marketing. These partners have active AdWords campaigns running and have passed comprehensive exams in order to earn the title of “Google Partner.” Using a Partner company to help set up and manage your AdWords campaign(s) can save you a significant amount of time and money.

If you’re like most small businesses, your plate is already overflowing with projects, paperwork, and business as usual, you probably don’t have time to invest in learning AdWords and managing your own account. Google Partners, like our agency division Ad House Advertising, have already invested time and training in the Google AdWords Platform as well as various other online marketing platforms, to become certified. Becoming a Google Partner is no easy feat.

Advertising Professionals must meet Google’s requirements to attain the honor of recognized as a Google Partner. Ad House currently has 4 individuals who have passed the exams and demonstrated their in-depth knowledge on managing online marketing campaigns.

Running a Google Partner search is easy, you can target your search by location, budget, and language and then Google will provide you with a list of all the Google Partners in your area. You can browse and compare agencies, view profiles to get a better understanding of the agencies’ specialties, and obtain contact information.

We recommend browsing the Google Partners knowledge base to expand your understanding of how working with a Google Partner can help you grow your business.

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