At Edit House Productions, we cover all of our bases. With more than 30 years of experience in video production, we’ve met with success on hundreds of projects, from online marketing videos and television commercial productions to lengthy documentaries. In this time we’ve learned what works for our clients and to approach each new corporate video production with these values in mind. Here we’ll outline some of the essential criteria that typifies a successful commercial production and our holistic approach to crafting an end product that you’ll feel good about.

In the initial stages of video production, it is important to know who your audience is, what they care about, and what moves them. Once that parameter is defined, you’re already in a better position to communicate your product or service’s value to the right person, and see improvement on your commercial ROI. It is impossible for your brand to appeal to everyone, so expertly tailoring a message to your well defined audience and their concerns will improve the performance of your advertising. The experienced staff of Edit House can help your company to define your ideal audience and find the right voice and words to connect with them.

The best video productions of any kind tell your business’s story and create an emotional connection with your viewer. Virtually all purchase decisions are emotional decisions. For better or worse, people buy the products that they relate to and remember- make sure your brand stays in their mind by connecting on an emotional level. Too many corporate videos are histories, straightforward facts, and information. If you want your viewer to get to the end of your video and remember your message, you have to craft something with more nuance.

The internet is fundamentally changing how consumers interact with businesses. Today the market is a place for conversation. Getting people’s attention is just the first step- transparency, and sharing what you believe, not just what you do. Is important to win your customer base’s business. We know you have confidence in what you do; let us helpyou communicate your core values in a way that sets you apart from the crowd and speaks to the heart of your operation.

Edit House has the power and expertise to help you find your corporate voice and to share that vision to the most viable customers. Our aim is to help you navigate the online and on-air marketplace with ease and achieve your business goals. Let’s talk.

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