At Edit House Productions, we approach different video production projects with different strategies and techniques, based on what our client envisions for their end product. We take time to understand our customer’s objectives in approaching their commercial broadcast, documentary, or training video, and then create a piece of film that matches those goals. A sometimes abstract concept that is at the forefront of our production team’s mind as we begin to strategize how to create a piece of film and exceed our clients’ expectations is how to shoot the film and whether to employ a cinematic or commercial approach to the look of the piece.

As the first video production company in the state of New Mexico to shoot in HD, our products always have a quality look, no matter what style they are shot in. A cinematic approach to a video shoot typically involves a different set of subject placement and composition that is more in sync with movie industry looks and trends. At Edit House we always aim to inspire and compel our audience, but when we shoot cinematic style video, we emphasize emotion, and typically, juggle more information to achieve a full, commanding effect.

In addition, cinematic style of film photography often recreates Hollywood-like depth and mood through lighting, and employs more equipment, like our Slider Dolly, to smoothly move from subject to subject. We may even incorporate multiple cameras shooting the same subject from different angles, so we have more footage to work with in post-production.

Commercial video production often takes a different approach to shooting video- employing different shots, lighting, and even scripting techniques. When we create these ads we emphasize a call to action that are designed to elicit a direct response from viewers. For this reason, commercial video production values are somewhat less understated than cinematic style video shots. Typically, there is more camera movement, more energetic dialogue, and mood and lighting that is markedly more lighthearted.

No matter what look and feel you’d like to achieve in your next video production, Edit House has the experience and equipment to translate your ideas into a meaningful piece of video. Let’s get started- contact us today!

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