At Edit House Productions LLC, we give careful thought to how a production is put together so that it tells a story. We use different types of shots to communicate different information to the viewer. The field of view of a shot, or balance between the principal subject and his surrounding background area establish the location and time frame, whereas closer shots might convey more emotion. Here’s an in-depth look at different types of shots and how they’re used to get a point across.

Extreme Long Shot: In this type of shot, the camera takes in the entire location or landscape. The actors or subjects are small in comparison to the background. The Extreme Long Shot is used to establish the location of the subject.

Long Shot: Here, the location is still prominent, the subject remains dominated by the larger background area, but this shot is closer than the Extreme Long Shot.

Medium Shot: The background is still important, but the subject becomes much more prominent in the Medium Shot. This type of shot is favored when you have a small group of people within the same scene or when the subject in the shot is delivering information, like in a newscast. In a Medium Shot, you can discern the emotions on the face of the subject.

Close-up: In a Close-up shot, the subject becomes the primary focus. Only a small portion of the background is visible. This is the shot you would want to use to convey familiarity with a subject, to show emotion.

Extreme Close-up: Here, the subject fills the screen. The shot is so close, it can only show a portion of the subject’s face. This isn’t used for general reactions, but rather for very dramatic scenes. Typically, you can use this shot to control exactly what you want the audience to know, perhaps showing a character losing their keys or stealing money.

Incorporating a variety of shot sizes is important in any production. It establishes elements of a story, and it makes for a more interesting final production. The team at Edit House has over 30 years of experience, and we can help you tell your brand’s story in an interesting way. By giving careful thought to the types of shots we use, we can craft a compelling story and help you grow your business!

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