In 2013 Edit House began working with the good people behind A Park Above to create a short documentary video that highlighted the need for an all-inclusive park in the Rio Rancho community. The end result was a feature that showcased the need of all people to be accepted and feel a kinship with the greater community. You can watch the video on Edit House’s YouTube Channel. As the project progresses, we wanted to deliver an update on the state of the project, and where it is headed in 2015.

A Park Above is an inclusive park for individuals of all ages and abilities with the explicit aim of being accessible for both people with physical disabilities, as well as able bodied peers. The park will include an array of equipment including inclusive play playground facilities, a paved pedestrian path, a basketball court, shade structures, and more.

Ground was officially broken for the park in October of 2013, with Edit House proudly on the scene. The park is still being built through funding and support by the state government, and a number of local organizations and businesses including Edit House, Sandoval County Public Works Department, Rio Rancho Metalwerks, Joiner Construction, and many, many more.

In the past year, crews have made considerable progress on the project, and the initial phase of development is expected to be completed in late 2015. After the central equipment is in place, construction crews with continue their work on A Park Above in the second phase of the project, which will continue to improve upon the park through the construction of an accessible amphitheater, as well as other possible amenities including a dog park, extensive walking paths, bocce ball courts, and an exercise station.

Edit House Productions is proud to serve the local community through donated services for local nonprofits and other worthy organizations. We are thrilled to continue supporting A Park Above as it grows and broadens our city’s sense of community.

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