Including a testimonial video in your business’s marketing strategy can be a worthwhile tool. These videos feature real-life experiences shared on video that showcase and support your business. This is because they visually demonstrate satisfied customers who proudly share their positive experiences with your product or service. By doing so, they provide a sense of collective validation to your business’s worth, which can be gold in today’s competitive market. Here are some specific reasons how a testimonial video can boost your business:

Testimonials Just Mean More

Testimonials, in general, are uber-powerful. Still, in video form, they genuinely convey a sense of reliability and authenticity that other marketing channels often fail to achieve. The visual impact of seeing someone’s face on camera enables the viewer to fully comprehend and experience their expressions, thereby making it more relatable. Furthermore, seeing the inclusion of individuals from various genders, ethnicities, ages, and classes in these videos significantly strengthens diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. This visually appealing and diverse approach is worth incorporating into marketing strategies to enhance their effectiveness.

They Can Be Repurposed Across Owned Channels

Video testimonials are not just an advertising tool but can easily be a social and website tool. Once a company like our team at Edit House completes the production of testimonial videos for your business, you own the footage, meaning you can use it anywhere you’d like. Adding video testimonials to your website or social channels will keep visitors there longer and increase potential customers’ trust in your business by allowing them to see and hear from real people who have used your product or service.

They Enhance Engagement and Improve Website SEO 

Videos have proven to be much more engaging than traditional marketing methods, showcasing authentic reviews and crafting a compelling message that emotionally resonates with customers and potential clients. As a result, this can significantly boost brand engagement and lead to more online conversations. Furthermore, video content generally performs better on search engines when compared to written content, so adding video testimonials to your website will result in an increase in organic traffic.

If you’re interested in having video testimonials for your business or brand, reach out to us for a free estimate today! We’re excited to discuss your business, its core values, and how we can help you create compelling and meaningful testimonial videos. Our team of award-winning producers is fully equipped to provide their professional knowledge and skills.

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