Editing and Post Production is just one of Edit House Productions’ specialties. We’ve created dozens of award-winning videos, commercials, training videos and documentaries.

Using Adobe CC’s Premiere Pro wasn’t just an arbitrary decision but a thoughtful idea to be able to use and collaborate using all the Adobe products. Premiere Pro CC seamlessly works in conjunction with other essential editing and graphic development programs. Being able to effortlessly switch between Adobe’s sound editing software, Adobe Audition to Adobe’s photo editing software Photoshop and Illustrator and Adobe’s graphic and animation program, After Effects, has endless benefits. This is because Adobe has built what is called the Dynamic Link. The Dynamic Link in Adobe products lets editors create a project or element in one application and send it directly to another Adobe app, all while keeping the video, graphic or audio element updated with changes across the board.

Additionally, Adobe projects can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection. Using Adobe’s cloud interface, projects can be started in one location and picked up easily in another location. We here at Edit House Productions find that extremely beneficial and find that other producers, writers and editors, who may come in to use our studio space can also benefit from the ease of use.

Editing and Post Production at Edit House Productions has really become more of an art form than just an editing sequence. Each project we work on is unique and treated as such. Ample time is spent on each project we work on to create a project, designed to exceed expectations and deliver a beautiful, finished video product. We take pride in what we create and hope to be able to help you with your next project.

We’re happy to provide an estimate for your video production project; use the contact form here or call us at 505-404-3535.


In my book, Edit House is 5 stars! Every year, we premiere a video to show the great work our organization is doing. Six years and videos later, our relationship continues, and each video tops the last! Ed and Kim along with their team capture precious moments and draw out powerful interviews. Great quality work with years of experience behind the business!

Michele Benevidez, The Catholic Foundation

The New Mexico State Police has worked with Edit House for years now and we are very happy with the product that has been generated. They are professional and personable. I recommend them to everyone I come into contact that could use their services.   

Kevin Bruno, NMSP Lieutenant

Thanks to Edit House, our company has double the business because of the outstanding efforts from your team. This is the beginning of a long and profitable business relationship! Thank you for all you have done to help us grow!     

Kimberly Harmon, American Restoration Water and Fire

Our experience with Edit House has been outstanding. They are very organized and thorough with everything they do. I highly recommend them! 

Bill Melloy, Melloy Dodge

If there was a rating of 10 stars, they would get it from us!!! They are patient, kind, and willing to share new ideas and what works and what does not.   

Karen Fitzpatrick, Harris Jewelers