Video production in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, the state of New Mexico, and across the country

Edit House Productions, LLC offers 4K video production, created by award-winning writers, directors, and editors. We work to make your video production smooth and easy for you and produce on time and within budget! Our company has been ranked among the top video production companies in New Mexico since 2003.

From large, six-figure video production budgets to those in the $1,000 range, Edit House Productions crafts results-focused videos for each client with in-house staff and equipment.

Edit House Productions can offer a wide variety of production services.

Our full production studio is a great place to film short interviews for television commercials, web videos, or documentaries – but the studio can also be transformed into a motion picture studio and includes a full cyclorama wall, green screen, available lights, makeup, and sound. The studio has two large warehouse doors, wide enough for a vehicle to enter, and off-street parking for larger trucks like semis. Edit House Productions also offers a full audio booth for recording and mixing sound for productions.

Edit House Productions, LLC shoots with matched 4K resolution cameras. 4K resolution packs twice as many pixels into the same frame space, effectively doubling the amount of video information captured. In 4K video, color, depth of field, and image quality are vastly improved over HD.

Because of video’s strength, it is the ideal medium to communicate to your customers or followers. As a television commercial, video can be engaging and educational, defining your company’s strengths versus other competitors in the marketplace. We believe in developing strong and compelling messages for broadcast while ensuring your budget will allow enough airtime to be effective.

Embedded in your website as an explainer video, it gives your website visitors more information in an easier-to-understand clip—and is rewarded by search engines, improving your organic website ranking. Video used in online digital advertising campaigns is highly effective in advertising prospective customers. Our sister company, Ad House Advertising, inserts online videos into specific and finely targeted website content, reaching potential customers for our clients, usually for less than $0.01 per view.

Training videos have uses for employers and human resources applications, as well as to illustrate your product to your buyers. These videos ensure that employees all have the same standards for compliance issues, or help viewers master a technical process.


Documentaries and long-format videos often include emotional or historical story-telling. We love blending interviews with historical photos or film for historical projects, or weaving information together to showcase your organization’s impact on a community. A number of our awards are for the cinematography, writing, and editing of these projects.

Demo, presentation or looping videos usually have a specific sales-related goal. These videos are great additions to your trade show booth, allowing attendees to gain information while waiting to speak with your booth representative. Salespeople using a demo video in presentations to clients give them more information, placing value on your company.

We’re happy to provide an estimate for your video production project; use the contact form here or call us at 505-404-3535.


In my book, Edit House is 5 stars! Every year, we premiere a video to show the great work our organization is doing. Six years and videos later, our relationship continues, and each video tops the last! Ed and Kim along with their team capture precious moments and draw out powerful interviews. Great quality work with years of experience behind the business!

Michele Benevidez, The Catholic Foundation

The New Mexico State Police has worked with Edit House for years now and we are very happy with the product that has been generated. They are professional and personable. I recommend them to everyone I come into contact that could use their services.   

Kevin Bruno, NMSP Lieutenant

Thanks to Edit House, our company has double the business because of the outstanding efforts from your team. This is the beginning of a long and profitable business relationship! Thank you for all you have done to help us grow!     

Kimberly Harmon, American Restoration Water and Fire

Our experience with Edit House has been outstanding. They are very organized and thorough with everything they do. I highly recommend them! 

Bill Melloy, Melloy Dodge

If there was a rating of 10 stars, they would get it from us!!! They are patient, kind, and willing to share new ideas and what works and what does not.   

Karen Fitzpatrick, Harris Jewelers