Rio Rancho, NM—Edit House Productions, a 23-year-old Rio Rancho video production company, in conjunction with the Rio Rancho Community Foundation, provided special EnChroma glasses for color blindness to eight additional students in Rio Rancho schools on Wednesday, July 5th. Students received glasses, made for each of their specific vision needs, at Edit House Productions office and studio, located at 640 Quantum Road NE in Rio Rancho.

It’s estimated that one in 12 boys and one in 200 girls are affected by color blindness, typically when the person can’t see or distinguish between greens and reds. With nearly 17,000 students in the Rio Rancho Public School district, potentially 700 students are affected in the city.

In April, a Rio Rancho resident and military veteran, Ron Neldon, donated funds to purchase glasses that help overcome color blindness for 10 middle and high school students in the district. But there were more identified students that needed the EnChroma glasses than there were funds to purchase them.

“We know how important color is to how we perceive the world,” said Ed Smith, owner and founder of Edit House. “Our company produces visual media and perceiving color correctly is vital. We’re excited to be able to help overcome the dull and indistinct vision that color blindness causes and add much more vibrant color to these students’ educational and life experiences.”

Edit House Productions, LLC contributed to the Rio Rancho Community Foundation, which matched the funds. EnChroma, a California-based company that developed the specialized glasses in 2012, donates a pair of its glasses for each pair an organization purchases via its Color Accessibility Program, as well. Students, working with coordinator Ron Neldon, were able to choose the style of frame and lenses they preferred.


“When we saw the original news story and what Ron Neldon was working to do, we wanted to help fill the gap for the remaining students,” said Smith. “The Rio Rancho Community Foundation allowed us to designate the distribution and make this possible.”

The Rio Rancho Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization serves Sandoval County and was formed in 2007.  “The Community Foundation raises funds each year through the Rio Rancho Mayor’s Gala to help our community and this was a wonderful opportunity to improve lives of these students,” said Carey Plant, president of the Community Foundation Board.

While people with normal color vision see over one million hues and shades, the color blind only see an estimated 10% of them. As a result, colors can appear dull, indistinct, and difficult to discern. This can make understanding colored information in graphs, charts, presentations, maps, and material written in certain colors problematic.


Kim Smith

Kim Smith

Kim says she’s always been fascinated with mass communication and the way that people receive news, advertisements, and information. That’s changed a lot in the last few years!

At Edit House, she’s involved in the development of video messages for our clients’ broadcast media buys, website, and training videos as well as overseeing the media buying for our clients.

She loves learning the specifics of each client’s business and designing a plan to move them forward.

Kim also loves documentary production and has won several national and international awards for writing and production. Those productions have taken Kim and Ed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to NASA’s mission control in Houston, to most areas of New Mexico.

Kim earned her MA and BA degrees in Mass Communication from the University of South Dakota, then taught at state universities in Kansas before starting her own advertising agency in 1990. After a move to New Mexico in 1995 and 10 years in broadcast television sales management, she joined Ed in the company in 2005.

She enjoys gardening, camping, cooking, and time with her family and golden retriever, Pete.