If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much you can say in a :30s commercial spot! Edit House Productions LLC is known for being at the cutting edge of video production and video editing, and the spot “Phone Call” produced for Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico proves it. With some interesting visual choices, we say more than a script could, we tell an entire story in just 30 seconds.

The scene opens up on a grainy black and white image of poker chips on a table and a slot machine. The video is shaky and angularly oriented. A scratchy filter has been applied to evoke a sense of eeriness. You hear the voiceover of an emotional, desperate woman on the phone. She’s crying. Immediately the scene cuts to the woman. She’s dimly lit by a harsh overhead light and although the background is less prominent, you can clearly see that she’s in a garage. She’s attempting to hide her conversation. A filter has been applied to the lighting in the background, giving it a purplish hue, allowing the viewer to see the stark contrast between the woman and her background. The slight low humming noise and scratching sound heard faintly below her sniffling further lend to the disturbingly uneasy feeling. It becomes clear that the cuts to shots of casino games are flashbacks, and her narrative confirm the story here. The woman has a gambling addiction and she’s asking for money. Whoever’s on the line refuses to enable her and insists she seek help from the Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico.

It’s a complicated story to tell in just 30 seconds, but with interesting visual choices and strategically placed flashbacks, this spot manages to paint a complete picture of the shame and pain that can result from a gambling addiction. This spot illustrates the emotional toll a gambling addiction can take on an individual as well as their family. Edit House Productions is proud to produce video for our clients that not only gets a message across, but also communicates emotion. When you’re ready to produce video designed to compel your potential customers to action, contact Edit House Productions.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt, quite literally, grew up around television production, and started setting up lights and equipment at just 9 years old. Matt began officially working for Edit House Productions, LLC at a young age and officially joined the team at 15 years old. Matt graduated from Rio Rancho High School in 2010 and attended CNM, taking psychology courses and focusing on general studies and today, he is a multiple Telly Award winning editor. Matt has extensive knowledge of Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects along with the entire suite of Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Audition. Matt is well-versed in producing, directing, and cinematography.

In 2020, Matt became a Co-Owner of Edit House Productions and Ad House Advertising. In 2022, Matt became the Chief Operating Officer as well. As COO, Matt is responsible for the daily operations of the company. Matt also serves as Studio Manager for Edit House Productions 2000 square-foot studio space

Matt is a huge Stranger Things fan and was ecstatic when Edit House Productions was able to work with Finn Wolfhard on a production in 2021.

Matt married to his high-school sweetheart, Kaitlin in 2013. They enjoy spending time with their daughters, dogs Oliver and Izzy, cooking, cigars, family, and music.