The Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico is an alliance made up of tribal casinos throughout the state that have come together to help address problem and compulsive gambling. RGANM works to draw attention to these issues and direct individuals who need assistance to helpful resources. Problem gambling is not an issue that affects a large portion of the population, but it has a devastating effect on the lives of those who suffer from it. A few years ago, The Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico set out to create a documentary designed to educate the public on the seriousness of these issues. RGANM selected Edit House Productions LLC, to produce the documentary, due to our long history of supporting nonprofits and promoting social causes.


The Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico intends to limit and prevent problem gambling in adults as well as underage gamblers through education. The association has worked with local therapists to equip them with the tools and resources they need to help compulsive gamblers recover. It’s important to know the signs and recognize problem tendencies before they get out of control. Often it helps to identify the root cause of addictive gambling behavior. Typically, those who are at greater risk for gambling addiction are middle aged men and women, perhaps experiencing empty-nest syndrome, or have just lost a loved one. At a vulnerable point in their life, these individuals are more susceptible to gambling, as it taps into the brain’s reward center – releasing dopamine and serotonin.

“The problem gamblers we serve have benefited greatly as a result of our positive partnership with Edit House Productions,” says Rebecca Beardsley, President of the Responsible Gaming Association of New Mexico. Edit House has assisted RGANM with digital marketingonline videos, and the production of printed informational material. You can watch the full-length documentary on KRQE at 12:35a on January 20th, 27th, and February 3rd, and at 5:30a on January 22nd. 29th and February 5th. Also airing at 6:30a on January 21st, 28th, and February 4th and 11th.

Kim Smith

Kim Smith

Kim says she’s always been fascinated with mass communication and the way that people receive news, advertisements, and information. That’s changed a lot in the last few years!

At Edit House, she’s involved in the development of video messages for our clients’ broadcast media buys, website, and training videos as well as overseeing the media buying for our clients.

She loves learning the specifics of each client’s business and designing a plan to move them forward.

Kim also loves documentary production and has won several national and international awards for writing and production. Those productions have taken Kim and Ed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to NASA’s mission control in Houston, to most areas of New Mexico.

Kim earned her MA and BA degrees in Mass Communication from the University of South Dakota, then taught at state universities in Kansas before starting her own advertising agency in 1990. After a move to New Mexico in 1995 and 10 years in broadcast television sales management, she joined Ed in the company in 2005.

She enjoys gardening, camping, cooking, and time with her family and golden retriever, Pete.