If you keep up with the Edit House blog, you may remember Matt’s article about the benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro CC versus Final Cut Pro X. After outlining the benefits and trends seen in each variety of software, Matt outlined the more diverse applications available to users of Premiere Pro, and how Premiere offers a better experience for editors through its versatility and ability to be streamlined with other software.

It comes as no surprise, then, that professionals around the world are, like Edit House, making the switch to Adobe Premier Pro CC. Broadcasters frequently employ Adobe’s noted timeline-based editing software, but the migration to Premiere Pro for filmmakers is relatively recent. Take a look at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which begins January 22nd. This year, more than 21 individual films, tailored to perfection with this pivotal software, will premiere at the world-famous festival. That’s more than double the amount edited on Premiere Pro at last year’s event. Of these, almost half are feature length films.

Adobe will also host a panel discussion at the event about how technology is changing post production as we know it, allowing independent producers and production companies at all levels, and in many different fields, to craft flawless end products. “We are thrilled to provide tools that… bring stories to the screen,” said Adobe senior director, Bill Roberts.

With the advent of such an integrated and creative toolset, our workflows at Edit House Productions are more productive and innovative than ever. We look forward to continue exploring new technology, software, and methods in the new year to deliver the best possible results for our clients. Explore our blog for more information about the production process. Have questions we haven’t answered yet? Ready to get started on a production of your own? Let’s collaborate! Get in touch with Edit House today!

James Blackburn

James Blackburn

James Blackburn has been working for Edit House Productions, LLC, for over five years, assisting in various video productions. He has over 17 years of experience on both sides of the camera. James has always loved film; he’s worked on over 200 movies and TV shows as an actor and behind the scenes. He has also won 3 Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy Awards for videography and editing.

Here at Edit House Productions, James Blackburn assists with productions, setting up and tearing down equipment, writing scripts, monitoring sound, creating graphics, and editing video content. His experience and enthusiasm bring much value to the Edit House Productions Team.

He has been in a happy relationship with his significant other, Karen, for 27 years, and they have one cat named Magic.

When he isn’t working, he also loves outdoor adventures, spending time with family and friends, and is a long-time member of the New Mexico Gunfighters Association. You can see James as a Gunfighter in the Queen Latifah movie, “End of the Road.”

He also has a YouTube channel with almost 1,000 videos called the James Blackburn Experience that follows his life on various adventures.