September 17, 2014

Ed and Matt Travel to Nashville for Film Editing Conference

This month Ed and Matt will travel across the country to attend a workshop with renowned film editor for Saturday Night Live, Adam Epstein.

Saturday Night Live film editor Adam Epstein edits the show in a 24 hour whirlwind. This autumn, he is taking to the road to outline for others his techniques on quick, efficient, and innovative editing processes. In the upcoming weeks, Edit House Productions, LLC owner and producer, Ed Smith, along with production editor and cinematographer, Matt Smith, will travel to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Epstein’s conference, titled “The Cutting Edge Post Production Tour.” After touching down in Nashville, Ed and Matt will spend their time examining the entire editing process with Epstein, from initial stages to completion, gaining further insight into editorial processes, examining storytelling techniques, and gaining understanding of Epstein’s incredible work pace.

The editing process is a very creative one, allowing the editor to craft and deliver a compelling message alongside engaging video footage. It is the cross section of these two topics that makes for dynamic advertising material, and as such, continued education in this essential production field gives Edit House’s staff the ability to make products of exceptional quality.

Attending Epstein’s conference will allow Ed and Matt an exciting opportunity to evaluate different editing methods and workflows. Staying attuned to up-and-coming trends in the industry is very important to Edit House Productions, LLC, and this conference is a prime example of Edit House’s commitment to continued education.

Ed and Matt are certain to travel back to New Mexico with further depth of knowledge in this essential part of post-production work, in the meantime, we wish them safe travels.

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